Many people who are training with weights, or want to have a fitness plan have sweet potato in their diet as a must. If you are training with weights, you will need to have a ton of energy to cope up with the training routine. Like rice, oats, and pasta, sweet potatoes have high carbohydrate content, which is an excellent source of energy. To all those people who are training hard at the gym, sweet potatoes are a great diet ingredient. Not only these there are many other benefits of sweet potatoes for people who are training with weights.

Keeps Calories in Check:

Calorie count is a huge concern for anyone going to the gym. You need energy, but you can’t consume foods that will up your calorie count. Sweet potatoes are known to have a minimal number of calories. An average sweet potato has 112 calories. While an average white potato has 168 calories. I know which one I would prefer. Comparatively, the carbohydrate amount is lower in sweet potatoes as well. These calculations may not seem huge to an average person, but to someone who is training in a training center, with weights and is on a strict diet, this would make a huge difference. Consuming sweet potatoes is a great way to keep your energy up and your calories down.


GI (Glycemic index), is the measure of the level of blood sugar, after eating. The GI is different for every food. When a person consumes low GI foods, the body digests the food slower than the high GI food. As they sustain energy and digest slowly, this is the reason these foods are ideal for people who train with weight and are hitting the gym hard. Sweet potato is number one on the list of food that has a lower GI. Which makes them the best choice if food for the people who are training with weights. The energy from sweet potatoes will last longer than white potatoes and will help you train better in a hard session.


Sweet potatoes are known to be packed with fiber. Many trainers, as well as bodybuilders, tend to ignore fiber. But they forget the fact that fiber is might important as it aids them to keep a check on their appetite, it also burns fat as well as helps maintain active and healthy digestion. Moreover, fiber also helps with muscle building. Approximately one average cup of sweet potatoes has around 8 gm of fiber.


We have always associated potassium with bananas, but sweet potatoes are also loaded with potassium. Potassium plays a huge role when it comes to muscle control. They are also known to enhance nerve function and boost electrolyte balance. Marathon runners, bodybuilders as well as people training with weights are required to have high potassium. Their need for potassium is higher than an average person according to expert trainers.

Sweet Potato Over Sugar:

Sugar so the enemy of people who are on a strict diet, like people who have hard gym sessions. For such people sugar is a bug no, so sweet potatoes are a big and good alternative for sugar. It’s hard to avoid sugar that you have been consuming all your life; there are times when the body craves sweet. Well, you don’t have to deprive yourself, have some steamed sweet potatoes. They will help curb the sweet craving and fill you up as well.

Along with making you full and curbing the sugar craving it will reload your energy reserve and make you feel more active.


When you have adequate food knowledge, dieting gets very easy. The next time you are working with weights, don’t forget to add sweet potatoes to your diet.